The Classes

picture-3Each Wordsmiths class is divided into vocabulary exercises, lecture, group exercises and games, and short writing projects. Every month, we focus on a different type of writing. Below is a sample syllabus and a selection of class assignments.

Class Schedule


September 29: First Day of Class

October: Descriptive Writing and Short Stories

Sample Exercise from October 6: Taste, sight, smell, touch, sounds. As a group, we’ll discuss sitting in different locations and surroundings. (In a classroom at school, sitting on your front porch, in a swimming pool, beach.) Close your eyes and think of what you see and feel, etc. How can you make someone feel like they’re there with you?

Exercise 1: Pick a good spot outside and write a paragraph of description.

See the Example pdf

November: Personal Essays

December: Journalism

Click here to view Sample Journalism Exercise pdf

January: Poetry

February: Historical Fiction

Click here to view Sample Historical Fiction Assignment pdf

March: Fantasy and Playwriting

Click here to view Sample Fantasy Exercise pdf

April: Revise our favorite stories and make selections for the class magazine