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Homework Due Oct. 19

Don’t forget to study for our first vocab contest next week!

Also your final zombie story is due–the details are below.

Story Title: The Eighty-Third Day

Summary: It is the 83rd day after a plague has swept through your city—and the entire world—leaving very few human survivors and countless zombie-like creatures. Your main character is struggling to survive. He/she must start out alone, without anyone they know or love. Although he/she may meet other characters, you should not introduce more than 1 or 2 other characters (not counting zombies.)

What Your Story Should Include:
Scene 1: You should set up the world your main character inhabits. Think about the five senses and make your reader feel like they’re right next to your character. Are they in an attic or an abandoned grocery store or in the woods? What do they see or feel, etc.? And let us know a little about your character’s past.
Scene 2: Have your main character think about how their experience in school helped them be prepared—or not—for this new, dangerous life. Think about your own experience in school. Think about what you think is dumb about how school is set up…or what’s smart. Use that. (You have an example of this page 2 of this handout.)
Scene 3: By your third or fourth page, have a zombie—or multiple zombies—attack your characters. Have one of the zombies remind your character of someone in their previous, normal life. (See page 3 attachment.)
Scene 4: In your final scene or page, have your character contemplate this new plague –infested world and think of the ways it is better or worse than the old world. Note: You can include other scenes, but this should be the basic order of your story.

Homework Due Oct. 12: Turn in at least two typed (or four handwritten) pages of your story. If your work is typed, it should be double-spaced, Times New Roman, 12-point.

Homework Due Oct. 19: Turn in your completed story, which should be minimum 4 typed pages or 7-handwritten pages.